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Mike's Beers from the Naki, this Friday

This Friday we're taking the opener to a stunning selection of mike's beers. Their brewery is on the ocean side of the road some 10-20km away North East of New Plymouth. A beautiful location, no doubt inspiring for the brew team at Mike's, it shows through in their delightful concoctions.

On the night we'll share the five beers pictured along with the amazing dark and rich Whisky Porter.

mike's Organic Pilsner

This is the beer for your beer battered fish and chips with lime juice on the fish.
With the colour of straw and the aroma of Lemons and limes high on the palate, this is a high bitterness beer that feels thin and zesty but not dry in the mouth. It leaves you with an after taste that's long lasting & lingering zesty bitterness. Alcohol Content (ABV) 5%

mike's Organic Lager

Great with braised chicken or steamed mussels with creamy garlic and ginger sauce, this is a golden straw coloured beer with the aroma of freshly baked biscuits and subtle citrus.
Medium bitterness with a mouth feel that's full, chewy but crisp. It's a malty number with good bitterness to balance out the malts. It's got an after taste that's long lasting with refreshing bitterness. Alcohol Content (ABV) 5%

mike's Full Nelson IPA (SMASH)

Absolutely smashing with Spicy Fish and Prawns, this is a dark amber coloured beer with aromas of Gooseberries and tropical fruit. It's a bitter all the way through with a crisp mouth feel and a medium weight body. You'll be sensing resinous pine undertones, with gooseberries, a slight alcohol sweetness balanced by the crisp finish and an after taste of lingering hop flavours and bitterness. From Nelson Sauvin Hops its 7% ABV.

mike's Organic Ale

We're always being asked for an English's one that's a stylistic match. It's an English Dark Mild Ale and ideal match with Beef dishes, Stews, Casseroles & Rich Soups. A must for the fridge for the cooler weather coming our way soon. It's dark brown with a ruby hue and an aroma of roasted nuts, coffee & toffee. With that kind of description you wont be surprised it's low on the bitterness scale. It's got a built in silky smooth medium body and comes with undercurrents of subtle coffee, chocolate and nuts with plenty of roasted malts that linger in the after taste. Alcohol Content (ABV) 4%.

mike's OMPA (One More Pale Ale LOL)

With tounge in cheek, mike's have labelled this as One More Pale Ale, or OMPA for short. It's a strong pale ale that will go brilliantly with confit duck accompanied by grapefruit marmalade. It's an amber colour with grapefruit and more citrus on the nose. It's a high bitter and feels spritzy and lively in the mouth. Along with the citrus, it comes with solid hop flavour and bitterness with lighter high notes. The Grapefruit, Hops and bitterness all make up the after taste. Alcohol Content (ABV) 6.3%

mike's Whisky Porter

Not your every day beer! This is a Barrel aged Imperal Porter that isn't for the faint hearted. Try it with Venison and mature hard rind cheeses. It's pitch black with amazing aromas of Whisky, oak & ripe berries. It's smooth as silk, medium bitter and fills your mouth - think a beer that you need a knife and fork to eat and you're close, but it'll melt in your mouth. It'll leave you with a warm glow and a lingering hint of whisky. Alcohol Content (ABV) 10.5%