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The Sawmill Brewery from Leigh comes to Manly

Yes indeedy, from just a little North comes the team from Leigh's Sawmill Brewery. If you've ever visited the brewery, it's a fun place, and their beers are a reflection of that fun.

We're planning to pop the tops off at least these five beers. Take a look at this fabulous lineup:

India Pale Ale

Pale golden colour with a foamy white head. Light biscuity malt notes carry the hops. A mix of American Citra and NZ Cascade hops give the beer a bright and vibrant citrus burst. Crisp and drinkable. Lower in alcohol than most IPAs at 5.8%.



Biscuity pilsner malt and distinctive Motueka and Riwaka hops bringing aromas of lemon and lime. Nelson Sauvin for a tart gooseberry hit. Straw coloured appearance, brilliantly clear, with a long lasting white head. Crisp and bitter. Medium dry finish. 4.8% alcohol.


Chrystal Wheat

Technical style is an American Wheat Lager (not intended to resemble the Hefe’s of Germany or Belgian Wit’s). Rounded and mellow aroma, a touch of citrus. Pale straw in colour, a fluffy white head, clean and very refreshing. Good fizz and a dry crisp finish with 4.5% alcohol.


The Doctor (Strong Lager)

Toasty aromas, rich malts, light caramel and chocolate flavours. Dark brown in colour with ruby highlights. Reserved hop presence, just enough bitterness to carry the malt. Residual sweetness, lingering mouthfeel and 6.5% alcohol.


12 Gauge

Honey biscuit aroma. Rich golden hue with a thick foamy white head. Moderately hopped to showcase the big bodied, bready pilsner backbone. A pleasant mouthweight. Finishes slightly sweet to balance the higher 6.5% ABV.