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Free tasting of ciders from Zeffer

Yep, we're cracking open the delightful range of Zeffer ciders this Friday, drop in and give them a go. Here's the lineup:-

Two Point Five


Two Point Five is a complex blend of sunflowers, rose, jasmine and calendula flowers patiently cold-soaked in freshly crushed apple cider.

It presents lifted tropical notes of guava, mango and citrus. All elegantly balanced by fresh apple acidity to create a full flavoured, refreshing cider. 

Red Apple Cider

Our Red Apple Cider captures the fresh flavour of the unique Mahana Red apples used to make it. Grown in the sunny Nelson region of New Zealand these flavourful and aromatic apples result in a juicy full flavoured cider.

Crisp Apple Cider

Our Crisp Apple Cider was the first we ever released and it marks the beginning of our journey and passion for cider. A simple, honest cider that continues to be a mainstay in the Zeffer range and a team favourite on a hot summers day. Crafted from a carefully selected blend of green apple varieties each known for their crisp, fresh flavours.

Alcoholic Real Ginger Beer

A natural alcoholic ginger beer made from freshly fermented ginger root. To give this some extra kick we’ve infused Kawakawa leaves, a native New Zealand tree spice.

Enjoy a strong ginger hit, a long palate with mild sweetness and a lingering spicy finish that hangs around until the next sip!

Slack Ma Girdle

This premium cider is made from a combination of over 50 different cider apple varieties. These specialised apples are sourced from small family run orchards in New Zealand. Nearly inedible on the tree the rich tannins and sharp flavour are transformed in the bottle. It’s a kiwi take on the famous West Country style. Released annually with a limited supply – it’s worth the wait.

Cidre Demi Sec - French Traditional

Medium sweet cider. 100% cider apples. Wild fermentation, naturally keeved to retain natural sweetness. Elegantly balanced with rich tannin and subtle oak character.

Newtown Pippin

Bone dry cider. Newtown Pippin cider apples. Full malolactic fermentation on oak. Zero residual sugar. Rich palate and long, complex finish.